Cole Codes - Web, Graphic, Design
A.A. Degree in Web & App Development
Silicon Valley Based in California's Silicon Valley!
Experience Over a decade of experience in code & design!
HTML / CSS 95%
WordPress theme coding 80%
Mobile-responsive coding 90%
FTP / cPanel 95%
UI / UX Design 95%
Adobe Photoshop 95%
Adobe Illustrator 90%
Autodidact / quick learner 100%
I have proficient experience with:

  • Web Development and Maintenance
  • WordPress Themes
  • Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Adobe Animation - Including the use of JavaScript
  • Python & Java Programming
  • Programs such as Google Docs/Sheets, Microsoft Word, etc.

With the mind for logic and the eye for aesthetic, I'm a very versatile designer who has intimate understanding in both the code and graphic aspects of a design, making me a flexible and valuable asset to any team.

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