I’m a huge fan of Capauldi’s work and always have been. I ordered a header a few weeks ago and was blown away by the smallest details that were included.

My Tom header? There’s a subtle little ‘Easter egg’ included – Capauldi took some of the sciencey stuff written by Tom on a whiteboard from a still of The Flash and used it like a cool texture in the header. How neat is that?! So subtle no one might notice, but cool enough to make your eyes go wide if you do. Just one of the many awesome things I can say, honestly.

Capauldi always goes above and beyond in graphics, themes, and even coding. The prices are incredibly reasonable and the turnaround time is always within a few days, so no long wait times. Love your work, friend. Thanks for always making such incredible graphics.

(Make sure to inquire about other stuff for your site, too, like media (icons, wallpapers, Twitter headers, social media graphics, etc.). The icons you make always give me hearteyes.)


I have been a fan of Tholaire designs for a long time! Each time I order for any celebrity, they get the order done very quickly and I am always more than pleased with the outcome. Tholaire has such attention to detail that when you order a theme or design by them, it not only makes you excited about the design but it also makes the visitors excited! (re Hugh Dancy Fans x4(?) and Christian Slater Fans among others I have ordered for)

Not only do they have phenomenal designs/premades, but they are nice as well! Always willing to make sure you are happy with the design and trust me, you will always be happy with it!