Emotes | James Turner

Client: James Turner (twitch.tv/jamesturneryt)
Medium: Digital, web only
Size: 112×112, 56×56, and 28×28 pixels
Program: Adobe Photoshop

I was contacted about creating new emotes (small graphics that show different emotions) for James Turner (username: jamesturneryt) for his channel on the live streaming platform Twitch. Twitch allows subscribers of a channel use emotes in the chat boxes of the live streams. Twitch comes in light and dark mode, so I have showcased the emotes against the different background colors.

James had asked for the emotes to be a cartoon of his face, which I designed in my style based on what I had seen of him in pictures and YouTube videos. The emotions asked for by James were a thumbs up, a sad and defeated look with the face buried in the hands, a judgmental hmm face, a laughing face, a face with hearts for eyes, a shocked face, an angry face, and a face sipping some tea.

Since emotes are very small in size, I have provided the full size view below. To see them live, please visit twitch.tv/jamesturneryt.
Subscribers can also use these emotes on Discord (messaging application) if they are in James’ server and have their Twitch account connected.