Cole Codes - Web, Graphic, Design

Client: West Valley College Park Management
Medium: Logo for any medium - Print & Digital
Program: Adobe Illustrator

The WPA (Works Progress Administration) has a history with National Parks. During the WPA movement, a number of Park Management posters were created to influence people to visit and view these natural sites in the USA. The head of the West Valley College Park Management department presented the illustrative WPA style as a starting point for inspiration for the 50th anniversary logo.

As the school is located in California, the client requested the following to be featured on the logo: the mountains, the desert, and the redwoods. Also requested to be on the logo were the words: "West Valley College Park Management" and "50th Anniversary." He wanted the design to be in earth tones, such as browns, greens, and blues.

After my initial sketches, I brought four designs to life in Illustrator, keeping in mind the illustrative style of the WPA. After meeting up again with the client, two of my designs were chosen for refinement. He wanted the years (1970-2020) to be on the logo, as well as the West Valley College logo. He also liked the idea of a badge-shaped design, which I implemented with my bear logo.

Logo Sketches and Prototypes

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