Cole Codes - Web, Graphic, Design

Client: DrGluon ( | )
Medium: Digital
Program: Adobe Photoshop / Adobe Illustrator

I have done art for DrGluon in two different capacities: logo/overlay designs and YouTube thumbnails.

Logo & Overlay Designs

These designs were made primarily in Adobe Illustrator and are vector pieces.
GluCon 2021: The GluCon 2021 was a design meant for print on white t-shirts (as part of a meme where DrGluon and chat joked about the GluCon merchandise being plain white Hanes T-shirts with sharpie writing). GluCon started as a fictional convention, but merchandize was made for the joke. I designed the 2021 design using Illustrator to give the text a fun and bouncy look. DrGluon designed the fez and face illustration and I included them as part of his branding. The Des Moines skyline is in the background, per DrGluon's request. (This design was made for print.)
Hotel Challenge: For a Sims 4 challenge based on the BBC comedy Fawlty Towers, I created a Fawlty-style logo for DrGluon's challenge. The letters are titled and falling to suggest chaos and disorder.
Babies Overlay Graphics: For a decades-themed Sims 4 baby challenge (100 Sims babies), DrGluon wanted an overlay piece to display the number of babies during his livestream. The 1960s one is in a cartoon style with a theme of space because of the 1960s Space Race. The 1970s one is inspired by the hippie era of the 1970s. Artwork, font, and color inspirations were pulled from various advertisements from the respective decades.
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YouTube Thumbnails

I have been creating DrGluon's thumbnail graphics for YouTube primarily in Adobe Photoshop. The style of the thumbnails depend primarily on what the video is about and what images I was provided with. Pop culture and puns find their ways on these thumbnails quite often. You can see more of my thumbnails at DrGluon's YouTube Channel (though I did not make all of them, I made the majority of them from the Rags to Riches as a Dog video to present).
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