Cole Codes - Web, Graphic, Design

Client: kLynn113 (
Medium: Digital & Print
Program: Adobe Photoshop / Adobe Illustrator / Stream Elements

I have done art for the kLynn113 stream on in two different capacities: Layout and illustration.

Stream Overlay + Layout

For the first part, overlay/layout, I did not create the art seen in the images (below), instead, I was in charge of the use of text and placement and elements used in the layout. The first image is an example of kLynn's panels, which provide information and links below her stream; I created the simple banners for them. The second image shows the offline image that is displayed when kLynn is not streaming; I did the text placement and the rays in the back (animated on-stream on starting soon / ending / be right back screens with a rotating sunburst). The last two images show the overlay (layout of the stream's elements) I did for kLynn when requested to make it more streamlined (take up less space to show more of the game), so I placed elements in places that would not cover up important game UI (the corners), while keeping it colorful (with her requested color scheme of pink and teal) and with vibe of a circus. All graphics were made in Adobe Photoshop. The overlay was created in the livestream management system Stream Elements.
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Art for Merchandise

I created and designed the characters of Peanut Guy and Taffy, the green lion. I did the initial sketch for this ensemble of characters piece (which is merchandise for kLynn113, printed on objects such as shirts and mugs) in Adobe Photoshop and refined the art in Adobe Illustrator. I stuck to a theme of pink and teal for kLynn's outfit and Peanut Guy's shoes, but went for a green color on the lion because "green team" is a thing at her streams.
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Sub Badge Artwork

Twitch has "badges" for channel subscribers and I designed new ones for kLynn113. Her previous sub badges were balloon elephant heads in various pastel colors. For the new ones, I created two new designs in six colors each (the six colors are pink, teal, blue, indigo, purple, and gold, colors associated with her branding). The first of the designs is a balloon dog and the second is a full-body balloon elephant. I initially sketched the designs out in Adobe Photoshop and created the final pieces in Adobe Illustrator.
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